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    • Perspective: Essential study quality descriptors for data from nutritional epidemiologic research 

      Yang C; Pinart M; Kolsteren P; Van Camp J; De Cock N; Nimptsch K; Pischon T; Laird L; Perozzi P; Canali R; Hoge A; Stelmach-Mardas M; Ove Dragsted L; Palombi SM; Dobre I; Bouwman J; Clarys P; Minervini F; De Angelis M; Gobbetti M; Tafforeau J; Coltell O; Corella D; De Ruyck H; Walton J; Kehoe L; Matthys C; De Baets B; De Tré G; Bronselaer A; Rivellese A; Giacco R; Lombardo R; De Clercq S; Hulstaert N; Lachat C (2017)
      Pooled analysis of secondary data increases the power of research and enables scientific discovery in nutritional epidemiology. Information on study characteristics that determine data quality is needed to enable correct ...