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    • Bacteria of the genus Asaia stably associate with Anopheles stephensi, an Asian malarial mosquito vector 

      Favia, G; Ricci, I; Damiani, C; Raddadi, N; Crotti, E; Marzorati, M; Rizzi, A; Urso, R; Brusetti, L; Borin, S; Mora, D; Scuppa, P; Pasqualini, L; Clementi, E; Genchi, M; Corona, S; Negri, I; Grandi, G; Alma, A; Kramer, L; Esposito, F; Bandi, C; Sacchi, L; Daffonchio, D (National Academy of Sciences, 2007)
      Here, we show that an alpha-proteobacterium of the genus Asaia is stably associated with larvae and adults of Anopheles stephensi, an important mosquito vector of Plasmodium vivax, a main malaria agent in Asia. Asaia ...