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    • Biorecovery of antioxidants from apple pomace by supercritical fluid extraction 

      Ferrentino G; Morozova K; Kongi Mosibo O; Ramezani M; Scampicchio M (2018)
      This work explored the potential of supercritical fluid extraction (SFE) to recover phenolic compounds and antioxidants from apple pomace. SFE was carried out at 20 and 30 MPa and temperature of 45 and 55 °C in absence and ...
    • Fining of Red Wine Monitored by Multiple Light Scattering 

      Ferrentino G; Ramezani M; Morozova K; Hafner D; Pedri U; Pixner K; Scampicchio M (2017)
      This work describes a new approach based on multiple light scattering to study red wine clarification processes. The whole spectral signal (1933 backscattering points along the length of each sample vial) were fitted by a ...