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    • Interior permanent magnet integrated starter-alternator 

      Alberti L; Barcaro M; Bianchi N; Bon D; Castiello M; Faggion A; Fornasiero E; Sgarbossa L; Bolognani, S (2011)
      Purpose:  The purpose of the paper is to present a complete design example of an interior permanent magnet integrated starter‐alternator (ISA). Design/methodology/approach: After a preliminary design on the basis of an ...
    • IPM machine drive design and tests for an integrated starter-alternator application 

      Barcaro M; Alberti L; Faggion A; Sgarbossa L; Pre MD; Bianchi N; Bolognani S (2010)
      This paper deals with an integrated starter-alternator (ISA) drive which exhibits a high torque for the engine start, a wide constant-power speed range for the engine speedup, and a high-speed generator mode operation for ...