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    • High compositional homogeneity in In-rich InGaAs nanowire arrays on nanoimprinted SiO 2/Si (111) 

      Hertenberger S; Funk S; Vizbaras K; Yadav A; Rudolph D; Becker J; Bolte S; Döblinger M; Bichler M; Scarpa G; Lugli P; Zardo I; Finley J; Amann M; Abstreiter G; Koblmüller G (2012)
      We report improved homogeneity control of composition-tuned In Ga As (x 0.4) nanowire (NW) arrays grown by catalyst-free molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) on nanoimprinted SiO /Si (111) substrates. Using very high As/(GaIn) ...
    • Planar Nanogap Electrodes by Direct Nanotransfer Printing 

      Strobel S; Harrer S; Blanco GP; Scarpa G; Abstreiter G; Lugli P; Tornow M (WILEY-V C H VERLAG GMBH, 2009)
      The fabrication of planar nanogap electrodes on a silicon substrate, using direct high-resolution metal nanotransfer printing (nTP) was investigated. Molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) molds were obtained by growing a ...
    • Role of microstructure on optical properties in high-uniformity In1-xGaxAs nanowire arrays: Evidence of a wider wurtzite band gap 

      Morkotter S; Funk S; Liang M; Doblinger M; Hertenberger S; Treu J; Rudolph D; Yadav A; Becker J; Bichler M; Scarpa G; Lugli P; Zardo I; Finley JJ; Abstreiter G; Koblmuller G (AMER PHYSICAL SOC, 2013)
      Accessing fundamental structure-property correlations in ternary semiconductor nanowires is a challenging endeavor often limited by large compositional inhomogeneities. Here, we investigate strongly periodic In1-xGaxAs ...