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    • An acoustic analysis of /r/ in Tyrolean 

      Galatà V; Spreafico L; Vietti A; Kaland C (International Speech Communication Association, 2016)
      This paper offers a preliminary contribution to the phonetic description and acoustic characterization of /r/ allophony in Tyrolean dialect, an under-researched South Bavarian Dialect spoken in the North of Italy. The ...
    • /r/ as language marker in bilingual speech production and perception 

      Kaland C; Galatà V; Spreafico L; Vietti A (International Speech Communication Association, 2016)
      Across languages of the world /r/ is known for its variability. Recent literature incorporates sociolinguistic factors, such as bilingualism, in order to explain /r/ variation. The current study investigates to what extent ...