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    • Children performance in stair descent 

      Patanè F; Micangeli A; Basso D; Olivetti-Belardinelli M; Cappa P; Pierro MM (2003)
      Stair descent has been widely investigated respect to a lot of dimensions and conditions: kinematics and dynamics, stair inclination (Riener et al., 2002), influence of visual system (Christina & Cavanagh, 2002), and ...
    • Performance predictions and postdictions in prospective memory of school-aged children 

      Cottini M; Basso D; Saracini C; Palladino P (2019)
      Prospective memory (PM) undergoes important developmental changes during the primary school years, particularly around 7 and 8 years of age. Recent studies have suggested that, as well as executive functions (EFs), PM ...