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    • Self-reported harm of adolescent peer aggression in three world regions 

      Skrzypiec G; Alinsug E; Nasiruddin UA; Andreou E; Brighi A; Didaskalou E; Guarini A; Kang SW; Kaur K; Kwon S; Ortega-Ruiz R; Romera E; Roussi-Vergou C; Sandhu D; Sikorska I; Wyra M; Yang CC (2018)
      While the poor psychosocial outcomes of young people who have experienced bullying are well known, the harm associated with experiences that do not meet the bullying criteria is not well understood. The aim of this study ...
    • Structural validation and cross-cultural robustness of the European Cyberbullying Intervention Project Questionnaire 

      Del Rey R; Casas JA; Ortega-Ruiz R; Schultze-Krumbholz A; Scheithauer H; Smith P; Thompson F; Barkoukis V; Tsorbatzoudis H; Brighi A; Guarini A; Pyzalski J; Plichta P (PERGAMON-ELSEVIER SCIENCE LTD, 2015)
      During the last decade, cyberbullying has become an increasing concern which has been addressed by diverse theoretical and methodological approaches. As a result there is a debate about its nature and rigorously validated ...