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  • Bilingualism and healthy aging: Aging Effects and Neural Maintenance 

    Borsa VM; Perani D; Della Rosa PA; Videsott G; Guidi L; Weeks B; Franceschini R; Abutalebi J (2018)
    Speaking more than one language is associated with neurocognitive benefits in seniors (Alladi et al. 2013). Few studies however have tested this hypothesis directly by comparing bilingual seniors who vary in chronological ...
  • A neuronal interactive location for multilingual talent 

    Della Rosa PA; Videsott G; Borsa V; Canini M; Weekes BS; Franceschini R; Abutalebi J (2013)
    In the recent book “Babel No More”, Michael Erard (2012) provides a fascinating survey of the world's most extraordinary language learners such as the 19th-century Italian Cardinal Mezzofanti who reportedly spoke 50 ...