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    • The act of giving – Sur. A service for sharing and co-producing gifts 

      Bencini G; Prey K; Mattozzi A (Linköping Electronic Conference Proceedings, 2018)
      Sur is the prototype of a relational service for gift production. Sur is aimed at articulating, nourishing and strengthening relationships between the giver and the receiver of the gift. The co-production of personalised ...
    • Beyond Transparency: Making the Italian Public Administration more accessible through data storytelling 

      Moretti M; De Chiara F; Napolitano M (IEEE Computer Society Conference Publishing Services, 2018)
      In Italy, the "Piano AntiCorruzione e Trasparenza" (Anti-corruption and transparency plan), with the reform of the Decree n.3312013, requires all the public administrations to make their data (financial data, personnel, ...
    • Bochum University of Applied Sciences on the way to establish sustainability education 

      Schweizer-Ries, P; Pautzke, F; Metzner-Szigeth, A; Feldermann, J; Biesenbach, R (IEEE, 2013)
      This paper describes the development of a consistent sustainability education approach at the Bochum University of Applied Sciences by introducing sustainability content and practice into existing and new teaching approaches ...
    • CAD/CAM and Jewellery Design Education 

      Bernabei R; Cappellieri A; Tenuta L; Ugur Yavuz S (Plymouth College of Art, 2016)
      The paper analyses pedagogical methods for incorporating computer aided design and manufacture into higher education jewellery design based on surveying five European universities: Birmingham City University (UK) Loughborough ...
    • Communicating Knowledge and Knowledge of Communication 

      Camillini G (MDPI, 2017)
      The article observes how the dissemination of knowledge makes use of both word and text as well as image, thus exploiting a communication that is both verbal and visual. Think of the iconographic mass, made up of diagrams ...
    • Communicating the Heritage, a Transmedia-Driven Approach 

      Moretti M; Camillini G (Springer, 2019)
      The sales of printed material are at a historic low, digital publications are growing at a constant rate. Concurrently, we are witnessing the development of a culture of print that dialogues with the digital, creating a ...
    • Cultura contro cultura: Conflitto e alterità sociale 

      Mattozzi, A (Centro scientifico editore, 2005)
    • Dell'usura del corpo: Ergonomia e semiotica 

      Mattozzi A (Meltemi Editore, 2005)
    • A Design Practice on Communicating Emotions Through Visual, Tactile and Auditory Simulations 

      Ugur Yavuz S; Bordegoni M; Carulli M (Springer, 2015)
      Emotional expression is an important human behaviour, which enriches communication. Sensory organs play crucial role in emotional perception. Today communication is mostly done via digital mediators, which dominantly address ...
    • Designed for, with, and by Kids: Integrating Children’s Approach into Design Teaching and Research Visualisation 

      Luccarelli M; Di Iorio M (Design Society, 2015)
      This work addresses the creativity and intuitive approach of children to improve design teaching and research visualisation. Three experiments involving children as user, tester, and informant are presented. Methods and ...
    • Designing the Next Smart Objects together with Children 

      Ugur Yavuz S; Bonetti R; Cohen N (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
      Today we are facing with the notion of smart objects that are increasingly showing their presence in our daily environments. This phenomenon opens up discussions on how our lives will be in future under the influence of ...
    • Discussion I + II 

      Sfigliotti S; Cheetham C; Burtschner A; Vinti C; Lupo D; Pierini J; Camuffo G; Vulpinari O; Krishnamurthy P; Cabianca D; Elzenbaumer B; Franz F (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2013)
      On June 26, 2012, the international conference Graphic Design, Exhibiting, Curating took place at the Faculty of Design and Art of the Free University of Bozen-Bolzano. The conference was organized by Giorgio Camuffo and ...
    • Eco-social design: Who pays for it? 

      Krois K; Elzenbaumer B; Franz F; Mattozzi A (Taylor & Francis Online, 2017)
      We understand eco-social design as a diverse set of design practices and projects that want to contribute to a much needed transformation of the relations among humans and between humans and nature, in order to move towards ...
    • Emotion Capsule: A New Form of Communication Designed Together with Teenagers 

      Bonetti R; Ugur Yavuz S; Cohen N (, 2018)
      In recent times, emerging digital technologies have been entering the field of education, introducing new possibilities on reaching and sharing information, enhancing the teaching experience and continuously changing the ...
    • Explorative analyse of two Italian cities: Turin and Venice for diversity 

      Gundogdu D; Moretti M; Lepri B (NetMob, 2017)
      In our paper we explore two different Italian cities for the diversity in population. Turin is the old capital city of Italy, drives Italian automotive industry and hosts the well known university. Hence Venice is one of ...
    • Framing Technology Assessment: Risk, Vulnerability and Sustainable Development 

      Metzner-Szigeth, A (Technische Universität, 2008)
    • Il futuro della grafica non è più quello di una volta 

      Anceschi G, Bucchetti V, Baule G, Piscitelli D, Ascione V, Camillini G, Diana C, Fornari D, Marzotto C, Pierini J, Pincini L, Pitoni L, Scalera G, Sfligiotti S, Sinni G, Piccoli G, Visconti P. (AIAP, 2015)
      A distanza di un quarto di secolo dalla redazione della Carta del Progetto grafico, abbiamo immaginato, nel quadro delle iniziative di Aiap DX 2015, di dedicare un momento di incontro per sollecitare una riflessione intorno ...
    • Imagining History 

      Camuffo G (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2016)
    • Impact of Electromobility on Automotive Architectures 

      Luccarelli, M; Matt, D T; Russo Spena, P (IEEE, 2013)
      The introduction of alternative powertrain technologies has brought increased design freedom in spaces within a vehicle that were previously constrained by traditional ones. Such freedom will affect the overall architecture ...
    • Infographics as Images: Meaningfulness beyond Information† 

      Burgio V; Moretti M (MDPI, 2017)
      What kind of images are data visualizations? Are they mere abstract transformations of numerical data? Should they reduce the phenomenal world into a set of pre-codified shapes? Or can they represent natural phenomena ...