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    • Designing the Next Smart Objects together with Children 

      Ugur Yavuz S; Bonetti R; Cohen N (Taylor and Francis, 2017)
      Today we are facing with the notion of smart objects that are increasingly showing their presence in our daily environments. This phenomenon opens up discussions on how our lives will be in future under the influence of ...
    • Emotion Capsule: A New Form of Communication Designed Together with Teenagers 

      Bonetti R; Ugur Yavuz S; Cohen N (, 2018)
      In recent times, emerging digital technologies have been entering the field of education, introducing new possibilities on reaching and sharing information, enhancing the teaching experience and continuously changing the ...
    • When objects tell stories: Children designing future smart objects 

      Ugur Yavuz S; Bonetti R; Cohen N (Italian Society of Science and Technology Studies, 2016)
      As objects are animated artefacts coming to life through their interaction with user, they are often defined as agents, through which an individual make sense of his own existence and becomes a social individual. While our ...