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    • 3D video coding using motion information and depth map 

      Cheng F; Xiao J; Tillo T (IEEE Computer Society, 2015)
      In this paper, a motion-information-based 3D video coding method is proposed for the texture plus depth 3D video format. The synchronized global motion information of camcorder is sampled to assist the encoder to improve ...
    • Adaptive Model for Background Extraction Using Depth Map 

      Sun BY; Tillo T; Xu M (SPRINGER, 2015)
      Depth map has attracted great attention for image and video processing in recent years. Depth map gives one more dimensional information about the images besides color (intensity). Depth is independent of color, which is ...
    • Global Motion Information Based Depth Map Sequence Coding 

      Cheng F; Xiao JM; Tillo T; Zhao Y (SPRINGER, 2015)
      Depth map is currently exploited in 3D video coding and computer vision systems. In this paper, a novel global motion information assisted depth map sequence coding method is proposed. The global motion information of depth ...