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    • The Bayesian Ontology Reasoner is BORN! 

      Ceylan I; Mendez J; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2015)
      Bayesian ontology languages are a family of probabilistic ontology languages that allow to encode probabilistic information over the axioms of an ontology with the help of a Bayesian network. The Bayesian ontology language ...
    • A Description Logic of Change 

      Artale A; Lutz C; Toman D (CEUR, 2006)
      We combine the modal logic S5 with the description logic (DL) ALCQI. In this way, we obtain a multi-dimensional DL, S5ALCQI, whose purpose is reasoning about change. S5ALCQI is capable of expressing that concepts and roles ...
    • PSPACE Automata for Description Logics 

      Hladik J; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2006)
      Tree automata are often used for satisfiability testing in the area of description logics, which usually yields ExpTime complexity results. We examine conditions under which this result can be improved, and we define two ...