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    • ALIVE: A framework for flexible and adaptive service coordination 

      Staikopoulos A; Popescu R; Andreou D; Cliffe O; Reed C; Quillinan T; Clarke S; Sergeant P; Nieuwenhuis K; Lam J; Vasconcelos W; Guerin F; Corsar D; Chorley A; Vázquez-Salceda J; Norman T; Confalonieri R; Panagiotidi S; Hidalgo S; Gomez I; Nieves J; Napagao S; Ceccaroni L; Palau Roig M; Dignum V; Aldewereld H; Penserini L; Dignum F; De Vos M; Padget J (Springer Verlag, 2009)
      There is a large body of research on software services, but the issues of communication and dynamic reconfiguration have received little attention, as have adaptation to environment and dynamic combination of service ...
    • Intelligent contracting agents language 

      Panagiotidi S; Vázquez-Salceda J; Álvarez-Napagao S; Ortega-Martorell S; Willmott S; Confalonieri R; Storms P (AISB, 2008)
      This paper presents ongoing work in the definition of a contracting language, which can be used not only to specify agreed behaviour in service-oriented architectures but also for agentmediated systems. The contract clauses ...
    • A middleware architecture for building contract-aware agent-based services 

      Confalonieri R; Álvarez-Napagao S; Panagiotidi S; Vázquez-Salceda J; Willmott S (Springer Verlag, 2008)
      This paper presents a middleware to help designers in the implementation of contract-aware agent-based services. The middleware provides several components, including a contract manager, a communication manager and a ...
    • Modelling Contractually-Bounded Interactions in the Car Insurance Domain 

      Vazquez-Salceda J; Confalonieri R; Gomez I; Storms P; Kuijpers N; Panagiotidi S; Alvarez S (ICST, 2008)