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    • Evolution of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases 

      Calvanese, D; Kharlamov, E; Nutt, W; Zheleznyakov, D (Springer, 2010)
      We study the problem of evolution for Knowledge Bases (KBs) expressed in Description Logics (DLs) of the DL-Lite family. DL-Lite is at the basis of OWL 2 QL, one of the tractable fragments of OWL 2, the recently proposed ...
    • Expressing No-Value Information in RDF 

      Darari, F; Prasojo, RE; Nutt, W (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2015)
      RDF is a data model to represent positive information. Consequently, it is not clear how to represent the non-existence of information in RDF. We present a technique to express such information in RDF and incorporate it ...
    • A rule-based approach for reasoning about collaboration between smart Web services 

      Alberti, M; Chesani, F; Gavanelli, M; Lamma, E; Mello, P; Montali, M; Torroni, P (Springer, 2007)
      We present a vision of smart, goal-oriented web services that reason about other services’ policies and evaluate the possibility of future interactions. We assume web services whose behavioural interface is specified in ...