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    • Actions and programs over description logic ontologies 

      Calvanese, D; Lenzerini, M; Riccardo, R; De Giacomo, G (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2007)
      We aim at representing and reasoning about actions and (high level) programs over ontologies expressed in Description Logics. This is a critical issue that has resisted good solutions for a long time. In particular, while ...
    • Complexity of Axiom Pinpointing in the DL-Lite Family 

      Peñaloza, R; Sertkaya, B (CEUR, 2010)
    • Complexity of reasoning over entity-relationship models? 

      Artale, A; Calvanese, D; Kontchakov, R; Ryzhikov, V; Zakharyaschev, M (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2007)
      We investigate the complexity of reasoning over various fragments of the Extended Entity-Relationship (EER) language, which include different combinations of the constructors for ISA between concepts and relationships, ...
    • Correcting Access Restrictions to a Consequence 

      Knechtel, M; Peñaloza, R (CEUR, 2010)
      Recent research has shown that annotations are useful for representing access restrictions to the axioms of an ontology and their implicit consequences. Previous work focused on computing a consequence's access restriction ...
    • Expressing DL-Lite ontologies with Controlled English 

      Bernardi, R; Calvanese, D; Thorne, C (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2007)
      In this paper we deal with the problem of providing natural language front-ends to databases upon which an ontology layer has been added. Specifically, we are interested in expressing ontologies formalized in Description ...
    • Mastro-i: Efficient integration of relational data through DL ontologies 

      Calvanese, D; Lembo, D; Lenzerini, M; Poggi, A; Rosati, R; De Giacomo, G (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2007)
      The goal of data integration is to provide a uniform access to a set of heterogeneous data sources, freeing the user from the knowledge about where the data are, how they are stored, and how they can be accessed. One of ...
    • A proof theory for DL-Lite 

      Calvanese, D; Kharlamov, E; Nutt, W (Bozen-Bolzano University Press, 2007)
      In this work we propose an alternative approach to inference in DL-Lite, based on a reduction to reasoning in an extension of function-free Horn Logic (EHL). We develop a calculus for EHL and prove its soundness and ...
    • Query rewriting in DL-Lite HN horn 

      Botoeva, E; Artale, A; Calvanese, D (, 2010)
      In this paper we present practical algorithms for query answering and knowledge base satisfiability checking in DL-Lite (HN) horn, a logic from the extended DL-Lite family that contains horn concept inclusions and number ...