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dc.contributor.authorMontali, M
dc.contributor.authorTorroni, P
dc.contributor.authorChesani, F
dc.contributor.authorMello, P
dc.contributor.authorAlberti, M
dc.contributor.authorLamma, E
dc.description.abstractWe discuss the static verification of declarative Business Processes. We identify four desiderata about verifiers, and propose a concrete framework which satisfies them. The framework is based on the ConDec graphical notation for modeling Business Processes, and on Abductive Logic Programming technology for verification of properties. Empirical evidence shows that our verification method seems to perform and scale better, in most cases, than other state of the art techniques (model checkers, in particular). A detailed study of our framework’s theoretical properties proves that our approach is sound and complete when applied to ConDec models that do not contain loops, and it is guaranteed to terminate when applied to models that contain loops.
dc.publisherIOS Press / Polskie Towarzystwo Matematyczne
dc.titleAbductive logic programming as an effective technology for the static verification of declarative business processes
dc.journal.titleFundamenta Informaticae

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