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    • Data complexity of query answering in description logics 

      Calvanese D; De Giacomo G; Lembo D; Lenzerini M; Rosati R (2013)
      In this paper we study data complexity of answering conjunctive queries over Description Logic (DL) knowledge bases constituted by an ABox and a TBox.  In particular, we are interested in characterizing the FOL-rewritability ...
    • Optique: Zooming in on Big Data 

      Giese M; Soylu A; Vega-Gorgojo G; Waaler A; Haase P; Jiménez-Ruiz E; Lanti D; Rezk M; Xiao G; Özçep Ö; Rosati R (2015)
      Optique overcomes problems in current ontology-based data access systems pertaining to installation overhead, usability, scalability, and scope by integrating a user-oriented query interface, semi-automated managing methods, ...