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    • Capturing model-based ontology evolution at the instance level: The case of DL-Lite 

      Kharlamov E; Zheleznyakov D; Calvanese D (2013)
      Evolution of Knowledge Bases (KBs) expressed in Description Logics (DLs) has gained a lot of attention lately. Recent studies on the topic have mostly focused on so-called model-based approaches (MBAs), where the evolution ...
    • On Expansion and Contraction of DL-Lite Knowledge Bases 

      Zheleznyakov D; Kharlamov E; Nutt W; Calvanese D (2019)
      Knowledge bases (KBs) are not static entities: new information constantly appears and some of the previous knowledge becomes obsolete. In order to reflect this evolution of knowledge, KBs should be expanded with the new ...
    • Ontology Based Data Access in Statoil 

      Kharlamov E; Hovland D; Skjæveland MG; Bilidas D; Jiménez-Ruiz E; Xiao G; Soylu A; Lanti D; Rezk M; Zheleznyakov D; Giese M; Lie H; Ioannidis Y; Kotidis Y; Koubarakis M; Waaler A (2017)
      Ontology Based Data Access (OBDA) is a prominent approach to query databases which uses an ontology to expose data in a conceptually clear manner by abstracting away from the technical schema-level details of the underlying ...