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    • Future Directions in Agile Research: Alignments and Divergence between Research and Practice 

      Mishra A; Garbajosa J; Wang X; Bosch J; Abrahamsson P (2017)
      Since the publication of Agile Manifesto in 2001, agile methods have transited from a grass-root initiative among enthusiastic advocates and developers to a mainstream software development approach adopted by both small ...
    • Software startups - A research agenda 

      Unterkalmsteiner M; Abrahamsson P; Wang X; Nguyen-Duc A; Shah S; Bajwa S; Baltes G; Conboy K; Cullina E; Dennehy D; Edison H; Fernandez-Sanchez C; Garbajosa J; Gorschek T; Klotins E; Hokkanen L; Kon F; Lunesu I; Marchesi M; Morgan L; Oivo M; Selig C; Seppänen P; Sweetman R; Tyrväinen P; Ungerer C; Yagüe A (2016)
      Software startup companies develop innovative, software-intensive products within limited time frames and with few resources, searching for sustainable and scalable business models. Software startups are quite distinct ...