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    • Innovation Initiatives in Large Software Companies: A Systematic Mapping Study 

      Edison H; Wang X; Jabangwe R; Abrahamsson P (2018)
      Context: To keep the competitive advantage and adapt to changes in the market and technology, companies need to innovate in an organised, purposeful and systematic manner. However, due to their size and complexity, large ...
    • Lean Internal Startups for Software Product Innovation in Large Companies: Enablers and Inhibitors 

      Edison H; Smørsgård NM; Wang X; Abrahamsson P (2018)
      Context: Startups are disrupting traditional markets and replacing well-established actors with their innovative products.To compete in this age of disruption, large and established companies cannot rely on traditional ...
    • Software startups - A research agenda 

      Unterkalmsteiner M; Abrahamsson P; Wang X; Nguyen-Duc A; Shah S; Bajwa S; Baltes G; Conboy K; Cullina E; Dennehy D; Edison H; Fernandez-Sanchez C; Garbajosa J; Gorschek T; Klotins E; Hokkanen L; Kon F; Lunesu I; Marchesi M; Morgan L; Oivo M; Selig C; Seppänen P; Sweetman R; Tyrväinen P; Ungerer C; Yagüe A (2016)
      Software startup companies develop innovative, software-intensive products within limited time frames and with few resources, searching for sustainable and scalable business models. Software startups are quite distinct ...