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    • Expressing and verifying business contracts with abductive logic programming 

      Alberti M; Chesani F; Gavanelli M; Lamma E; Mello P; Montali M; Torroni P (IBFI, 2007)
      In this article, we propose to adopt the SCIFF abductive logic language to specify business contracts, and show how its proof procedures are useful to verify contract execution and fulfilment. SCIFF is a declarative language ...
    • Repairing Socially Aggregated Ontologies Using Axiom Weakening 

      Porello D; Troquard N; Confalonieri R; Galliani P; Kutz O; Peñaloza R (Springer, 2017)
      Ontologies represent principled, formalised descriptions of agents’ conceptualisations of a domain. For a community of agents, these descriptions may significantly differ. We propose an aggregative view of the integration ...