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    • Attributed Description Logics: Ontologies for Knowledge Graphs 

      Krötzsch M; Marx M; Ozaki A; Thost V (Springer, 2017)
      In modelling real-world knowledge, there often arises a need to represent and reason with meta-knowledge. To equip description logics (DLs) for dealing with such ontologies, we enrich DL concepts and roles with finite sets ...
    • A decidable very expressive description logic for databases 

      Artale A; Franconi E; Penaloza R; Sportelli F (Springer, 2017)
      We introduce DLR+, an extension of the n-ary propositionally closed description logic DLR to deal with attribute-labelled tuples (generalising the positional notation), projections of relations, and global and local ...
    • Finite Lattices Do Not Make Reasoning in ALCI Harder 

      Borgwardt S; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2011)
      We consider the fuzzy logic ALCI with semantics based on a finite residuated lattice. We show that the problems of satisfiability and subsumption of concepts in this logic are ExpTime-complete w.r.t. general TBoxes and ...