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    • Do they Really Smell Bad? A Study on Developers Perception of Code Bad Smells 

      Palomba, F; Bavota, G; Oliveto, R; Di Penta, M; De Lucia, A (IEEE, 2014)
      In the last decade several catalogues have been defined to characterize bad code smells, i.e., symptoms of poor design and implementation choices. On top of such catalogues, researchers have defined methods and tools to ...
    • When and Why Your Code Starts to Smell Bad 

      Tufano, M; Palomba, F; Bavota, G; Oliveto, R; Di, Penta M; De, Lucia A; Poshyvanyk, D (IEEE, 2015)
      In past and recent years, the issues related to managing technical debt received significant attention by researchers from both industry and academia. There are several factors that contribute to technical debt. One of ...