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    • A Hardware/Software Stack for Heterogeneous Systems 

      Castrillón J; Lieber M; Klüppelholz S; Völp M; Asmussen N; Assmann U; Baader F; Baier C; Fettweis GP; Fröhlich J; Goens A; Haas S; Habich D; Härtig H; Hasler M; Huismann I; Karnagel T; Karol S; Kumar A; Lehner W; Leuschner L; Ling S; Märcker S; Menard C; Mey J; Nagel WE; Nöthen B; Peñaloza R; Raitza M; Stiller J; Ungethüm A; Voigt A; Wunderlich S (2018)
      Plenty of novel emerging technologies are being proposed and evaluated today, mostly at the device and circuit levels. It is unclear what the impact of different new technologies at the system level will be. What is clear, ...