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    • The Orchestration Stack: The Impossible Task of Designing Software for Unknown Future Post-CMOS Hardware 

      Völp M; Klüppelholz S; Castrillon J; Härtig H; Asmussen N; Assmann U; Baader F; Baier C; Fettweis G; Fröhlich J; Goens A; Haas S; Habich D; Hasler M; Huismann I; Karnagel T; Karol S; Lehner W; Leuschner L; Lieber M; Ling S; Märcker S; Mey J; Nagel W; Nöthen B; Peñaloza R; Raitza M; Stiller J; Ungethüm A; Voigt A ([s.n.], 2016)
      Future systems based on post-CMOS technologies will be wildly heterogeneous, with properties largely unknown today. This paper presents our design of a new hardware/software stack to address the challenge of preparing ...