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    • Completing Mixed Language Grammars Through Womb Grammars Plus Ontologies 

      Adebara, I; Dahl, V; Tessaris, S (Scitepress, 2015)
      Womb Grammars are a recently introduced constraint-based methodology for acquiring linguistic information on a given language from that of another, implemented in {CHRG} (Constraint Handling Rule Grammars). This is a ...
    • Imperfect Querying through Womb Grammars plus Ontologies 

      Dahl, V; Tessaris, S; Fruehwirth, T (CEUR-WS, 2015)
      Womb grammars, or WGs, are a failure-driven constraint-based parsing mechanism specifically developed for cross-language grammar engineering, whose main parsing operation consists of looking for failed constraints between ...