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    • Semantic Web and Big Data meets Applied Ontology 

      Obrst L; Grüninger M; Baclawski K; Bennett M; Brickley D; Berg-Cross G; Hitzler P; Janowicz K; Kapp C; Kutz O; Lange C; Levenchuk A; Quattri F; Rector A; Schneider T; Spero S; Thessen A; Vegetti M; Vizedom A; Westerinen A; West M; Yim P (2014)
      The role that ontologies play or can play in designing and employing semantic technologies has been widely acknowledged by the SemanticWeb and Linked Data communities. But the level of collaboration between these communities ...
    • Upward Refinement for Conceptual Blending in Description Logic: An ASP-based Approach and Case Study in EL 

      Confalonieri R; Schorlemmer M; Plaza E; Eppe M; Kutz O; Penaloza R (, 2015)
      Conceptual blending is understood to be a process that serves a variety of cognitive purposes, including creativity, and has been highly influential in cognitive linguistics. In this line of thinking, human creativity is ...