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    • Beyond OWL 2 QL in OBDA: Rewritings and approximations 

      Botoeva E; Calvanese D; Santarelli V; Fabio Savo D; Solimando A; Xiao G (AAAI, 2016)
      Ontology-based data access (OBDA) is a novel paradigm facilitating access to relational data, realized by linking data sources to an ontology by means of declarative mappings. DL-LiteR, which is the logic underpinning the ...
    • DL-Lite in the light of first-order logic 

      Artale A; Calvanese D; Kontchakov R; Zakharyaschev M (AAAI Press, 2007)
      The use of ontologies in various application domains, such as Data Integration, the Semantic Web, or ontology-based data management, where ontologies provide the access to large amounts of data, is posing challenging ...
    • Verification of relational multiagent systems with data types 

      Calvanese D; Delzanno G; Montali M (AAAI Press, 2015)
      We study the extension of relational multiagent systems (RMASs), where agents manipulate full-fledged relational databases, with data types and facets equipped with domain-specific, rigid relations (such as total orders). ...