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    • Q-EPANET plugin for Q-GIS 

      De Luca A; Menapace A; Pisaturo G; Gerola D; Righetti M (2017)
      This plugin links QGIS and EPANET. It provides: a set of dedicated editing tools to build a correct EPANET network, to run the simulation and to analyse the results by means of graphs and thematic maps.
    • QoE-Driven Dynamic Adaptive Video Streaming Strategy With Future Information 

      DASH, the Dynamic adaptive video streaming over hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP), has become the de-facto video delivery mechanism nowadays, which takes advantage of the existing low cost and wide-spread HTTP platforms. ...
    • Quality assessment for hyperspectral imagery: Comparison between lossy and near-lossless compression 

      Penna B; Tillo T; Magli E; Olmo G (IEEE, 2006)
      In the field of remote sensing image compression it is often argued that traditional MSE-based fidelity metrics might not effectively describe the quality of remote sensing lossy or near-lossless compressed images. In this ...
    • Quality enhancement of quality-asymmetric multiview plus depth video by using virtual view 

      Jin Z; Tillo T; Luo L (IEEE, 2015)
      Currently, multiview video plus depth format is one of the most popular 3D data representations which enables to generate any required intermediate view in a certain range. However, in terms of encoding and decoding ...
    • Quality-aware model-driven service engineering 

      Pahl C; Boskovic M; Barrett R; Hasselbring W (Information Science Reference, 2009)
      Service engineering and service-oriented architecture as an integration and platform technology is a recent approach to software systems integration. Quality aspects ranging from interoperability to maintainability to ...
    • Quantifiers in XQuery 

      May N; Helmer S; Moerkotte G (IEEE Computer Society, 2003)
      We present algebraic equivalences that allow to unnest nested algebraic expressions containing quantifiers for order-preserving algebraic operators. We illustrate how these equivalences can be applied successfully to unnest ...
    • A quasi-minimal residual variant of the {BiCORSTAB} method for nonsymmetric linear systems 

      Sun DL; Jing YF; Huang TZ; Carpentieri B (2014)
      The Biconjugate A" role="presentation">-orthogonal residual stabilized method named as BiCORSTAB was proposed by Jing et al. (2009), where the numerical experiments therein demonstrate that the BiCORSTAB method converges ...
    • Quasimetric graph edit distance as a compact quadratic assignment problem 

      Blumenthal DB; Daller D; Bougleux S; Brun L; Gamper J (IEEE, 2018)
      The graph edit distance (GED) is a widely used distance measure for attributed graphs. It has recently been shown that the problem of computing GED, which is a NP-hard optimization problem, can be formulated as a quadratic ...
    • Query Answering in Ontologies under Preference Rankings 

      Ceylan I; Lukasiewicz T; Peñaloza R; Tifrea-Marciuska O (International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence, 2017)
      We present an ontological framework, based on preference rankings, that allows users to express their preferences between the knowledge explicitly available in the ontology. Using this formalism, the answers for a given ...
    • Query Answering over Description Logic Ontologies 

      Calvanese D (Springer, 2014)
      Description Logics (DLs) provide the formal foundation for ontology languages, and they have been advocated as formalisms for modeling the domain of interest in various settings, including the Semantic Web, data and ...
    • Query Answering with DBoxes is Hard 

      Franconi E; Ibánez-García YA; Seylan I (2011)
      Data in description logic knowledge bases is stored in the form of an ABox. ABoxes are often confusing for developers coming from relational databases because an ABox, in contrast to a database instance, provides an ...
    • Query Processing under GLAV Mappings for Relational and Graph Databases 

      Calvanese D; De Giacomo G; Lenzerini M; Vardi M (2012)
      Schema mappings establish a correspondence between data stored in two databases, called source and target respectively. Query processing under schema mappings has been investigated extensively in the two cases where each ...
    • Query Quality Prediction and Reformulation for Source Code Search: The Refoqus Tool 

      Haiduc S; De Rosa G; Bavota G; Oliveto R; De Lucia A; Marcus A (IEEE, 2013)
      Developers search source code frequently during their daily tasks, to find pieces of code to reuse, to find where to implement changes, etc. Code search based on text retrieval (TR) techniques has been widely used in the ...
    • Query rewriting in DL-Lite HN horn 

      Botoeva E; Artale A; Calvanese D (, 2010)
      In this paper we present practical algorithms for query answering and knowledge base satisfiability checking in DL-Lite (HN) horn, a logic from the extended DL-Lite family that contains horn concept inclusions and number ...
    • Query Stability in Monotonic Data-Aware Business Processes 

      Savkovic O; Marengo E; Nutt W (Schloss Dagstuhl--Leibniz-Zentrum fuer Informatik, 2016)
      Organizations continuously accumulate data, often according to some business processes. If one poses a query over such data for decision support, it is important to know whether the query is stable, that is, whether the ...
    • Query Time Scaling of Attribute Values in Interval Timestamped Databases 

      Dignös A; Böhlen M; Gamper J (IEEE, 2013)
      In valid-time databases with interval timestamping each tuple is associated with a time interval over which the recorded fact is true in the modeled reality. The adjustment of these intervals is an essential part of ...
    • Query-Based Entailment and Inseparability for ALC Ontologies 

      Botoeva E; Lutz C; Ryzhikov V; Wolter F; Zakharyaschev M (AAAI Press, 2016)
      We investigate the problem whether two ALC knowledge bases are indistinguishable by queries over a given vocabulary. We give model-theoretic criteria and prove that this problem is undecidable for conjunctive queries (CQs) ...
    • Querying Log Data with Metric Temporal Logic 

      Brandt S; Güzel Kalaycı E; Ryzhikov V; Xiao G; Zakharyaschev M (2018)
      We propose a novel framework for ontology-based access to temporal log data using a datalog extension datalogMTL of the Horn fragment of the metric temporal logic MTL. We show that datalogMTL is EXPSPACE-complete even ...
    • Quest, an OWL 2 QL reasoner for ontology-based data access 

      Rodriguez-Muro M; Calvanese D (, 2012)
      Abstract. Ontology Based Data Access (OBDA) has drawn considerable attention from the OWL and RDF communities. In OBDA, instance data is accessed by means of mappings, which state the relationship between the data in a ...
    • Quest: Efficient SPARQL-to-SQL for RDF and OWL 

      Rodriguez-Muro M; Hardi J; Calvanese D (, 2012)