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  • Sources of Incompleteness in Grid Publishing 

    Gray AJG; Nutt W; Williams MH (Springer, 2006)
    There is a wide variety of data, both static and streaming, being published on and about computing Grids. However one aspect of Grid data that has received relatively little attention thus far is that of incompleteness. ...
  • Missing Value Imputation in Time Series Using Top-k Case Matching 

    Wellenzohn K; Mitterer H; Gamper J; Böhlen MH; Khayati M (CEUR, 2014)
    In this paper, we present a simple yet effective algorithm, called the Top-k Case Matching algorithm, for the imputation of missing values in streams of time series data that are similar to each other. The key idea of the ...
  • Pinpointing in the Description Logic EL 

    Baader F; Peñaloza R; Suntisrivaraporn B (CEUR, 2007)
  • A service localisation platform 

    Collins L; Pahl C (Curran, 2013)
    The fundamental purpose of service-oriented computing is the ability to quickly provide software and hardware resources to global users. The main aim of service localisation is to provide a method for facilitating the ...
  • Data integration in mediated service compositions 

    Pahl C; Zhu Y (Slovak Academy of Sciences, 2012)
    A major aim of the Web service platform is the integration of existing software and information systems. Data integration is a central aspect in this con- text. Traditional techniques for information and data transformation ...
  • The Bayesian Ontology Language BEL 

    Ceylan II; Peñaloza R (2016)
    We introduce the new probabilistic description logic (DL) (Formula presented.), which extends the light-weight DL (Formula presented.) with the possibility of expressing uncertainty about the validity of some knowledge. ...
  • Adding Context to Tableaux for DLs 

    Fu W; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2012)
    We consider the problem of reasoning with ontologies where every axiom is associated to a context, and contexts are related through a total order. These contexts could represent, for example, a degree of trust associated ...
  • A template description framework for services as a utility for cloud brokerage 

    Zhang L; Fowley F; Pahl C (SCITEPRESS, 2014)
    Integration and mediation are two core functions that a cloud service broker needs to perform. The description of services involved plays a central role in this endeavour to enable services to be considered as commoditised ...
  • Bringing the Cloud to Rural and Remote Areas via Cloudlets 

    Helmer S; Pahl C; Sanin J; Miori L; Brocanelli S; Cardano F; Gadler D; Morandini D; Piccoli A; Salam S; Shahrear AM; Ventura A; Abrahamsson P; Oyetoyan TD (ACM, 2016)
  • A Certification Technique for Cloud Security Adaptation 

    Ardagna CA; Asal R; Damiani E; El Ioini N; Pahl C; Dimitrakos T (IEEE, 2016)
    Unpredictability of cloud computing due to segregation of visibility and control between applications, data owners, and cloud providers increases tenants’ uncertainty when using cloud services. Adaptation techniques become ...
  • Non-Gödel Negation Makes Unwitnessed Consistency Undecidable 

    Borgwardt S; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2012)
    Recent results show that ontology consistency is undecidable for a wide variety of fuzzy Description Logics (DLs). Most notably, undecidability arises for a family of inexpressive fuzzy DLs using only conjunction, existential ...
  • OvERVIeW: OwnERship VIsualisation Word cloud 

    Fronza I; Trebeschi S (SCITEPRESS – Science and Technology Publications, Lda, 2016)
    In many situations, awareness about code ownership is important; for example, this awareness might allow to contact the responsible person(s) of a piece of code to get clarifications. Source versioning systems can provide ...
  • Reasoning in Expressive Gödel Description Logics 

    Borgwardt S; Peñaloza R (CEUR, 2016)
    Fuzzy description logics (FDLs) are knowledge representation formalisms capable of dealing with imprecise knowledge by allowing intermediate membership degrees in the interpretation of concepts and roles. One option for ...
  • Personalized quality prediction for dynamic service management based on invocation patterns 

    Zhang L; Zhang B; Pahl C; Xu L; Zhu Z (Springer, 2013)
    Recent service management needs, e.g., in the cloud, require ser-vices to be managed dynamically. Services might need to be selected or re-placed at runtime. For services with similar functionality, one approach is to ...
  • A Template-driven Approach for Maintainable Service-oriented Information Systems Integration 

    Pahl C; Zhu Y; Gacitua V (World Scientific Publishing, 2009)
    Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is currently the predominant software integration framework. Web services provide the predominant platform for SOA. SOA as an integration architecture solution supports a range of ...
  • Interactive correction and recommendation for computer language learning and training 

    Pahl C; Kenny C (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2009)
    Active learning and training is a particularly effective form of education. In various domains, skills are equally important to knowledge. We present an automated learning and skills training system for a database programming ...
  • Ontology change management and identification of change patterns 

    Javed M; Abgaz YM; Pahl C (Springer, 2012)
    Ontologies can support a variety of purposes, ranging from capturing the conceptual knowledge to the organisation of digital content and information. However, information systems are always subject to change and ontology ...
  • Computational Thinking Through Mobile Programming: A Case Study in a Liberal Education Context 

    Fronza I; Corral L; El Ioini N (Springer International Publishing Switzerland, 2016)
    Computational Thinking (CT) is considered a fundamental skill for everyone. Therefore, research has focused on defining age and grade-appropriate curricula for teaching CT. In this context, mobile programming can be a good ...
  • Answering Arbitrary Conjunctive Queries over Incomplete Data Stream Histories 

    Gray AJG; Nutt W; Williams MHW (Österr. Computer-Ges., 2006)
  • Microservices: A Systematic Mapping Study 

    Pahl C; Jamshidi P (SciTePress, 2016)
    Microservices have recently emerged as an architectural style, addressing how to build, manage, and evolve architectures out of small, self-contained units. Particularly in the cloud, the microservices architecture approach ...

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