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    • Nano antenna array for terahertz detection 

      Bareiss M; Tiwari B; Hochmeister A; Jegert G; Zschieschang U; Klauk H; Fabel B; Scarpa G; Koblmuller G; Bernstein G; Porod W; Lugli P (2011)
      Infrared (IR) detectors have been fabricated consisting of antenna-coupled metal-oxide-metal diodes (ACMOMDs). These detectors were defined using electron beam lithography with shadow evaporation metal deposition. They are ...
    • Nano-antenna arrays for the infrared regime 

      Szakmany GP; Orlov AO; Bernstein GH; Porod W; Bareiss M; Lugli P; Russer JA; Jirauschek C; Russer P; Ivrlac MT; others (VDE-Verlag, 2014)
      Infrared detectors for the long-wave infrared range (lwir) are of special interest due to their ability to detect blackbody radiation of objects at room temperature. Such detectors are attractive candidates for various ...