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    • Optimization of process parameters for inkjet printing of CNT random networks on flexible substrates 

      Falco A; Salmeron J; Loghin F; Abdelhalim A; Lugli P; Rivadeneyra A (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      In this work, a comparison between the electro-optical characteristics of CNT random networks obtained through inkjet printing and spray-deposition on flexible substrates is presented. Transmittance values are similar in ...
    • Optimization of refurbishment strategies 

      Penna P; Prada A; Cappelletti F; Gasparella A (Economic Forum, 2013)
    • Optimization of supercritical carbon dioxide treatment for the inactivation of the natural microbial flora in cubed cooked ham 

      Ferrentino, G; Balzan, S; Spilimbergo, S (2013)
      This study aims to investigate the effects of supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) treatment on the inactivation of the natural microbial flora in cubed cooked ham. Response surface methodology with a central composite ...
    • Optimization Tools for Building Energy Model Calibration 

      Arambula Lara R; Naboni E; Pernigotto G; Cappelletti F; Zhang Y; Barzon F; Gasparella A; Romagnoni P (Elsevier, 2017)
      Different optimization tools have been developed to find the best trade-off between competitive goals. The optimization problem is typical of the design process, where different design solutions have to be compared to ...
    • Optimization-based calibration of a school building based on short-term monitoring data 

      Penna P; Gasparella A; Cappelletti F; Tahmasebi F; Mahdavi A (Taylor and Francis, 2015)
      The dynamic energy simulation can be used as a tool to assess the energy performance of an existing building and to optimize the choice of different Energy Efficiency Measures (EEMs) from an energetic and economic point ...
    • Optimized Translation of XPath into Algebraic Expressions Parameterized by Programs Containing Navigational Primitives 

      Helmer, S; Kanne, CC; Moerkotte, G (IEEE Computer Society, 2002)
      We propose a new approach for the efficient evaluation of XPath expressions. This is important, since XPath is not only used as a simple, stand-alone query language, but is also an essential ingredient of XQuery and XSLT. ...
    • Optimizing energy consumption of GUIs in Android apps: a multi-objective approach 

      Linares Vásquez M; Bavota G; Bernal-Cárdenas CE; Oliveto R; Di Penta M; Poshyvanyk D (ACM, 2015)
      The wide diffusion of mobile devices has motivated research towards optimizing energy consumption of software systems— including apps—targeting such devices. Besides efforts aimed at dealing with various kinds of energy ...
    • Optimizing the deadzone width to improve the polyphase-based multiple description coding 

      Lin C; Tillo T; Xiao J; Zhao Y (2014)
      The polyphase-based mechanism is the basis of many multiple descriptions coding schemes. Its main drawback is the inefficient exploitation of the inserted redundancy, especially when the redundancy is large. In this paper ...
    • Optimizing Update Frequencies for Decaying Information 

      Razniewski S (ACM, 2016)
      Many kinds of information, e.g., addresses, crawls of webpages, or academic affiliations, are prone to becoming outdated over time. Therefore, if data quality shall be maintained over time, often periodical refreshing is ...
    • The Optique Project: Towards OBDA Systems for Industry 

      Calvanese D; Giese M; Haase P; Horrocks I; Hubauer T; Ioannidis Y; Jiménez-Ruiz E; Kharlamov E; Kllapi H; Klüwer J; Koubarakis M; Lamparter S; Möller R; Neuenstadt C; Nordtveit T; Özcep Ö; Rodriguez-Muro M; Roshchin M; Ruzzi M; Savo F; Schmidt M; Soylu A; Waaler A; Zheleznyakov D (CEUR-WS, 2013)
      In this paper we present the EU Optique project that aims at developing an end-to-end OBDA system for managing Big Data in industries. We discuss limitations of state of the art OBDA systems and present the general ...
    • Optique: OBDA Solution for Big Data 

      Calvanese D; Giese M; Haase P; Horrocks I; Hubauer T; Ioannidis Y; Jiménez-Ruiz E; Kharlamov E; Kllapi H; Klüwer J; Koubarakis M; Lamparter S; Möller R; Neuenstadt C; Nordtveit T; Özcep Ö; Rodriguez-Muro M; Roshchin M; Savo F; Schmidt M; Soylu A; Waaler A; Zheleznyakov D (Springer, 2013)
      Accessing the relevant data in Big Data scenarios is increasingly difficult both for end-user and IT-experts, due to the volume, variety, and velocity dimensions of Big Data. This brings a high cost overhead in data access ...
    • Optique: Zooming in on Big Data 

      Giese M; Soylu A; Vega-Gorgojo G; Waaler A; Haase P; Jiménez-Ruiz E; Lanti D; Rezk M; Xiao G; Özçep Ö; Rosati R (2015)
      Optique overcomes problems in current ontology-based data access systems pertaining to installation overhead, usability, scalability, and scope by integrating a user-oriented query interface, semi-automated managing methods, ...
    • Orchestration of Semantic Web Services in IRS-III 

      Confalonieri R; Domingue J; Motta E (CEUR-WS, 2004)
      In this paper we describe our orchestration model for IRS-III. IRS-III is a framework and platform for developing WSMO based semantic web services. Orchestration specifies how a complex web service calls subordinate web ...
    • The Orchestration Stack: The Impossible Task of Designing Software for Unknown Future Post-CMOS Hardware 

      Völp M; Klüppelholz S; Castrillon J; Härtig H; Asmussen N; Assmann U; Baader F; Baier C; Fettweis G; Fröhlich J; Goens A; Haas S; Habich D; Hasler M; Huismann I; Karnagel T; Karol S; Lehner W; Leuschner L; Lieber M; Ling S; Märcker S; Mey J; Nagel W; Nöthen B; Peñaloza R; Raitza M; Stiller J; Ungethüm A; Voigt A ([s.n.], 2016)
      Future systems based on post-CMOS technologies will be wildly heterogeneous, with properties largely unknown today. This paper presents our design of a new hardware/software stack to address the challenge of preparing ...
    • Ordering Selection Operators Under Partial Ignorance 

      Alyoubi, KH; Helmer, S; Wood, PT (ACM, 2015)
      Optimising queries in real-world situations under imperfect conditions is still a problem that has not been fully solved. We consider finding the optimal order in which to execute a given set of selection operators under ...
    • An Ordinal Ranking Criterion for the Subjective Evaluation of Alternatives and Exchange Reliability 

      Tavana M; Di Caprio D; Santos-Arteaga FJ (2015)
      We consider the problem of a decision maker (DM) who must choose among a set of alternatives offered by different information senders (ISs). Each alternative is characterized by finitely many characteristics. We assume ...
    • Organa Brixinensis 1 

      Comploi F (Ausführender) (2016)
      CD-Aufnahme auf der Domorgel in Brixen (1980) Werke von Buxtehude, Bach, Haydn, Mendelssohn, Reger, Nystedt
    • Organa Brixinensis 2 

      Comploi F (2016)
      CD-Aufnahme auf der historischen Daniel Herz-Orgel (1648) in Brixen.
    • Organic Cultivation of Triticum turgidum subsp durum Is Reflected in the Flour-Sourdough Fermentation-Bread Axis 

      Rizzello CG; Cavoski I; Turk J; Ercolini D; Nionelli L; Pontonio E; De Angelis M; De Filippis F; Gobbetti M; Di Cagno R (2015)
      Triticum turgidum subsp. durum was grown according to four farming systems: conventional (C-ONV), organic with cow manure (O-MAN) or green manure (O-LEG), and without inputs (NOINPUT). Some chemical and technological ...