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dc.contributor.authorLintner C
dc.contributor.authorElsen S
dc.contributor.authorFolie U
dc.description.abstractThe document discusses the opportunities for asylum seekers to build emplacement processes. In this way, it supports a double understanding of personal placement processes, which implies a consideration of both the subjective level of action and the social environment that can hinder or improve the experience of personal placement of an asylum seeker. From April 2016 to March 2017 25 interviews were conducted with asylum seekers in South Tyrol Data analysis is based on a qualitative research project, which follows an inductive research approach and adopts an approach of mixed qualitative methods: semi-structured interviews, narrative interviews, observation of the participants and group discussions. As this document shows, to understand the duality of the processes of emplacement it is fundamental to understand the interaction between the subjective abilities of individuals to act and make their own choices and the structural circumstances that determine, limit or enable such actions Job opportunities are one of the central elements of it the promotion of social integration. Work in this context is seen not only as an economic activity that allows asylum seekers to earn money and support the remaining family members, but also as a way to overcome idleness and inactivity.
dc.titleTrying to make it a home: An analysis of the opportunities asylum seekers have in order to develop long-lasting emplacement processes in South Tyrol, Italyen_US
dc.journal.titleMondi Migranti

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