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    • 3-D Percolative Model-Based Multiscale Simulation of Randomly Aligned Networks of Carbon Nanotubes 

      Colasanti S; Bhatt V; Abdelhalim A; Lugli P (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2016)
      A carbon nanotube (CNT) network is an aggregate of nanotubes with different properties, which is randomly deposited over a certain substrate. The way the CNTs are physically arranged gives the electrical behavior of the ...
    • The Alps in 25 Maps 

      Elmi M; Streifeneder T; Ravazzoli E; Laner P; Petitta M; Renner K; Garegnani G; D'Alonzo V; Brambilla A; Bassano B; von Hardenberg A; Cremer Schulte D; Klemenčič M (Permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention, 2018)
      The publication "The Alps in 25 Maps" represents a collection of maps with key issues for the Alpine Space. The chapters in which this publication is structured aim at giving an overview of the current status and historical ...
    • A generalized Monte Carlo approach for the analysis of quantum-transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems: Interplay between coherence and relaxation 

      Rossi F; Ragazzi S; Di Carlo A; Lugli P (1998)
      A theoretical investigation of quantum-transport phenomena in mesoscopic systems is presented. In particular, a generalization to "open systems" of the well-known Semiconductor Bloch equations is proposed. Compared to the ...