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    • On how often code is cloned across repositories 

      Schwarz N; Lungu M; Robbes R (IEEE Computer Society, 2012)
      Detecting code duplication in large code bases, or even across project boundaries, is problematic due to the massive amount of data involved. Large-scale clone detection also opens new challenges beyond asking for the ...
    • The Small Project Observatory: Visualizing software ecosystems 

      Lungu M; Lanza M; Gîrba T; Robbes R (2010)
      Software evolution research has focused mostly on analyzing the evolution of single software systems. However, it is rarely the case that a project exists as standalone, independent of others. Rather, projects exist in ...
    • A study of ripple effects in software ecosystems (NIER track) 

      Lungu M; Robbes R (ACM, 2011)
      When the Application Programming Interface (API) of a framework or library changes, its clients must be adapted. This change propagation - known as a ripple effect - is a problem that has garnered interest: several approaches ...