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    • Circuit-based approaches to simpl systems 

      Chen Q; Csaba G; Lugli P; Schlichtmann U; Stutzmann M; Rührmair U (2011)
      This paper presents circuit-based approaches to SIMPL Systems (SIMulation Possible, but Laborious Systems), which could be regarded as a "public-key" version of Physical Unclonable Functions. The use of these systems can ...
    • Towards Electrical, Integrated Implementations of SIMPL Systems 

      Ruhrmair U; Chen QQ; Stutzmann M; Lugli P; Schlichtmann U; Csaba G (Springer, 2010)
      This paper discusses strategies for the electrical, integrated implementation of a novel security tool termed SIMPL system, which was introduced in [1]. SIMPL systems are a public key version of Physical Unclonable Functions ...