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  • Applications of high-capacity crossbar memories in cryptography 

    Rührmair U; Jaeger C; Bator M; Stutzmann M; Lugli P; Csaba G (2011)
    This paper proposes a new approach for the construction of highly secure physical unclonable functions (PUFs). Instead of using systems with medium information content and high readout rates, we suggest to maximize the ...
  • Nanomagnet logic from partially irradiated Co/Pt nanomagnets 

    Ju X; Wartenburg S; Rezgani J; Becherer M; Kiermaier J; Breitkreutz S; Schmitt-Landsiedel D; Porod W; Lugli P; Csaba G (2012)
    This paper presents a computational study of logic devices built from single-domain Co/Pt nanomagnets, where magnetic properties of the dots are engineered by an inhomogenous focused ion beam (FIB) irradiation. We develop ...