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  • How the Apache Community Upgrades Dependencies: An Evolutionary Study 

    Bavota, G; Canfora, G; Oliveto, R; Panichella, S; Di Penta, M (Springer Verlag (Germany), 2014)
    Software ecosystems consist of multiple software projects, often interrelated by means of dependency relations. When one project undergoes changes, other projects may decide to upgrade their dependency. For example, a ...
  • Object-oriented software extensions in practice 

    Robbes R; Röthlisberger D; Tanter É (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2015)
    As software evolves, data types have to be extended, possibly with new data variants or new operations. Object-oriented design is well-known to support data extensions well. In fact, most popular books showcase data ...
  • A study of ripple effects in software ecosystems (NIER track) 

    Lungu M; Robbes R (ACM, 2011)
    When the Application Programming Interface (API) of a framework or library changes, its clients must be adapted. This change propagation - known as a ripple effect - is a problem that has garnered interest: several approaches ...