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    • Inversion of the PROSAIL model from UAV data 

      Tomelleri E; Mejia-Aguilar A (2018)
      In this paper, we present an innovative workflow for retrieving biophysical traits of vegetation by means of inverting the radiative transfer model PROSAIL from UAV borne hyperspectral data. The approach makes use of ...
    • Statistical modelling of landslides - Landslide susceptibility and beyond 

      Steger S; Kofler C (2019)
      Statistical approaches are routinely applied to analyze landslide processes from several perspectives. During the last decade, the growing accessibility of environmental data as well as an increasing availability of powerful ...
    • Using affective parameters in a content-based recommender system for images 

      Tkalcic M; Burnik U; Kosir A (SPRINGER, 2010)
      There is an increasing amount of multimedia content available to end users. Recommender systems help these end users by selecting a small but relevant subset of items for each user based on her/his preferences. This paper ...