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    • Applying user centred and participatory design approaches to commercial product development 

      Wilkinson CR; De Angeli A (2014)
      Traditional design approaches have been accused of failing to engage with users in the design process: compromising commercial opportunity and the interactional experience of users. Alternatively, a participatory design ...
    • Geographies of experience. Communities, places, interactions 

      Bollini L (2020)
      The economic globalization and the worldwide connections enabled by the net have had a huge impact on the relationship between communities related to a territory. These phenomena are also the context in which other forms ...
    • The Global News Diversifier 

      Krois K; Gasteier K; Mouna K; Poggio AE; Murcia D (2018)
      News on the same event can be quite diverse, depending on the position they were written from. Annexation or liberation? Terrorist or freedom fighter? Peace mission or aggressive war? The framing of news is a matter of ...