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  • Coherent concept invention 

    Schorlemmer M; Confalonieri R; Plaza E (CEUR, 2016)
    We address the problem on how newly invented concepts are evaluated with respect to a background ontology of conceptual knowledge so as to decide which of them are to be accepted into a system of familiar concepts, and how ...
  • Image schemas in computational conceptual blending 

    Hedblom MM; Kutz O; Neuhaus F (ELSEVIER SCIENCE BV, 2016)
    In cognitive science, image schemas are identified as fundamental patterns of cognition. They are schematic prelinguistic conceptualisations of events and serve as conceptual building blocks for concepts. This paper proposes ...
  • The yoneda path to the buddhist monk blend 

    Schorlemmer M; Confalonieri R; Plaza E (CEUR, 2016)
    Mazzola et al. propose a metaphor to describe the process by means of which an open question is solved in a creative way, likening it to the manner by which, due to the Yoneda Lemma of category theory, the internal structure ...