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    • Climate extremes initiate ecosystem regulating functions while maintaining productivity 

      Jentsch, A; Kreyling, J; Elmer, M; Gellesch, E; Glaser, B; Grant, K; Hein, R; Lara, M; Mirzaee, H; Nadler, SE; Nagy, L; Otieno, D; Pritsch, K; Rascher, U; Schädler, M; Schloter, M; Singh, BK; Stadler, J; Walter, J; Wellstein, C; Wöllecke, J; Beierkuhnlein, C (2011)
      1. Studying the effects of climate or weather extremes such as drought and heat waves on biodiversity and ecosystem functions is one of the most important facets of climate change research. In particular, primary production ...
    • Context-dependent assembly rules and the role of dominating grasses in semi-natural abandoned sub-mediterranean grasslands 

      Wellstein, C; Campetella, G; Spada, F; Chelli, S; Mucina, L; Canullo, R; Bartha, S (2014)
      We investigated fine-scale patterns of trait-based community assembly in calcareous grasslands of the Central Apennines, Italy. We used the habitat template of environmentally contrasting north-facing and south-facing ...
    • On the Future of International Joint Venture Research 

      Nippa M; Reuer JJ (2019)
      International joint ventures (IJVs) are an important type of international strategic alliance (ISA) that have been studied by scholars for decades, resulting in a plethora of empirical studies, publications, and reviews, ...