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    • Field-coupled computing in magnetic multilayers 

      Csaba G; Lugli P; Becherer M; Schmitt-Landsiedel D; Porod W (2008)
      This paper presents a computational study of ion-beam patterned cobalt-platinum multilayers, which could be used for field-coupled computing. We use micromagnetic simulations to reproduce measured hysteresis curves. This ...
    • Magnetic ordering of focused-ion-beam structured cobalt-platinum dots for field-coupled computing 

      Becherer M; Csaba G; Porod W; Emling R; Lugli P; Schmitt-Landsiedel D (2008)
      This paper presents an experimental and computational study of dipolar ordering phenomena in ion-beam patterned Co/Pt multilayers. The fabrication and the patterning of the layers were chosen to achieve single-domain dots, ...