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    • HYPpOTesT: Hypothesis Testing Toolkit for Uncertain Service-Based Web Applications 

      Camilli M; Gargantini A; Madaudo R; Scandurra P (Springer, 2019)
      This paper introduces a model-based testing framework and associated toolkit, so called HYPpOTesT, for uncertain service-based web applications specified as probabilistic systems with non-determinism. The framework connects ...
    • On porting software visualization tools to the web 

      D'Ambros M; Lanza M; Lungu M; Robbes R (2011)
      Software systems are hard to understand due to the complexity and the sheer size of the data to be analyzed. Software visualization tools are a great help as they can sum up large quantities of data in dense, meaningful ...
    • Technical Solutions for Reproducible Research 

      König A; Stemle E (2019)
      Presented at: CLARIN Annual Conference 2019 ; Leipzig ; 30.9.2019 - 2.10.2019 ; Published in: Proceedings of CLARIN Annual Conference 2019. Eds. K. Simov and M. Eskevich. Leipzig, Germany: CLARIN, 2019 ; In recent years, ...