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    • Object-oriented software extensions in practice 

      Robbes R; Röthlisberger D; Tanter É (Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2015)
      As software evolves, data types have to be extended, possibly with new data variants or new operations. Object-oriented design is well-known to support data extensions well. In fact, most popular books showcase data ...
    • Polymorphism in the Spotlight: Studying Its Prevalence in Java and Smalltalk 

      Milojković N; Caracciolo A; Lungu M; Nierstrasz O; Röthlisberger D; Robbes R (IEEE Computer Society, 2015)
      Subtype polymorphism is a cornerstone of object-oriented programming. By hiding variability in behavior behind a uniform interface, polymorphism decouples clients from providers and thus enables genericity, modularity and ...