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    • Few extreme events dominate global interannual variability in gross primary production 

      Zscheischler J; Mahecha MD; von Buttlar J; Harmeling S; Jung M; Rammig A; Randerson JT; Schölkopf B; Seneviratne SI; Tomelleri E; Zaehle S; Reichstein M (2014)
      Understanding the impacts of climate extremes on the carbon cycle is important for quantifying the carbon-cycle climate feedback and highly relevant to climate change assessments. Climate extremes and fires can have severe ...
    • Recent decline in the global land evapotranspiration trend due to limited moisture supply 

      Jung M; Reichstein M; Ciais P; Seneviratne SI; Sheffield J; Goulden ML; Bonan G; Cescatti A; Chen J; De Jeu R; Dolman AJ; Eugster W; Gerten D; Gianelle D; Gobron N; Heinke J; Kimball J; Law BE; Montagnani L; Mu Q; Mueller B; Oleson K; Papale D; Richardson AD; Roupsard O; Running S; Tomelleri E; Viovy N; Weber U; Williams C; Wood E; Zaehle S; Zhang K (2010)
      More than half of the solar energy absorbed by land surfaces is currently used to evaporate water(1). Climate change is expected to intensify the hydrological cycle(2) and to alter evapotranspiration, with implications for ...