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  • The case for better PV forecasting 

    Alet PJ; Eftymiou V; Graditi G; Juel M; Nemac F; Pierro M; Rikos E; Tselepis S; Yang G; Moser D; Henze N (2016)
    Rising levels of PV penetration mean increasingly sophisticated forecasting technologies are needed to maintain grid stability and maximise the economic value of PV systems. The Grid Integration working group of the European ...
  • Forecasting and Observability: Critical Technologies for System Operations with High PV Penetration 

    Alet PJ; Efthymiou V; Graditi G; Henze N; Juel M; Moser D; Pierro M; Nemac F; Rikos E; Tselepis S; Yang G (2016)
    Forecasting and monitoring technologies for photovoltaics are required on different spatial and temporal scales by multiple actors, from the owners of PV systems to transmission system operators. In this paper the Grid ...
  • Plugfest 2009: Global Interoperability in Telerobotics and Telemedicine 

    King HH; Hannaford B; Kwok KW; Yang G; Griffiths P; Okamura AM; Farkhatdinov I; Ryu JH; Sankaranarayanan G; Arikatla VS; Tadano K; Kawashima K; Peer A; Schauß T; Buss M; Miller LM; Glozman D; Rosen J; Low T (IEEE, 2010)
    Despite the great diversity of teleoperator designs and applications, their underlying control systems have many similarities. These similarities can be exploited to enable inter-operability between heterogeneous systems. ...