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  • Sulfur cycling and methanogenesis primarily drive microbial colonization of the highly sulfidic Urania deep hypersaline basin 

    Borin, S; Brusetti, L; Mapelli, F; D'Auria, G; Brusa, T; Marzorati, M; Rizzi, A; Yakimov, M; Marty, D; Bolhuis, H; Mcgenity, TJ; Polymenakou, PN; Malinverno, E; Giuliano, L; Corselli, C; Daffonchio, D; De Lange, GJ; Van Der Wielen, P (National Academy of Sciences, 2009)
    Urania basin in the deep Mediterranean Sea houses a lake that is > 100 m deep, devoid of oxygen, 6 times more saline than seawater, and has very high levels of methane and particularly sulfide (up to 16 mM), making it among ...