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  • Connecting Abstract Description Systems 

    Kutz, O; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (Morgan Kaufmann, 2002)
  • E-connections of abstract description systems 

    Kutz, O; Lutz, C; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (Elsevier, 2004)
    Combining knowledge representation and reasoning formalisms is an important and challenging task. It is important because non-trivial AI applications often comprise different aspects of the world, thus requiring suitable ...
  • First-Order Rewritability of Temporal Ontology-Mediated Queries 

    Artale, A; Kontchakov, R; Kovtunova, A; Ryzhikov, V; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (AAAI Press, 2015)
    Aiming at ontology-based data access over temporal, in particular streaming data, we design a language of ontology-mediated queries by extending OWL 2 QL and SPARQL with temporal operators, and investigate rewritability ...
  • Representability in DL-LiteR Knowledge Base Exchange 

    Arenas, M; Botoeva, E; Calvanese, D; Ryzhikov, V; Sherkhonov, E (CEUR, 2012)
    Knowledge base exchange can be considered as a generalization of data exchange in which the aim is to exchange between a source and a target connected through mappings, not only explicit knowledge, i.e., data, but also ...
  • The Semantics of Modal Predicate Logic I: Counterpart-Frames 

    Kracht, M; Kutz, O (World Scientific, 2002)
    We introduce a new semantics for modal predicate logic, with respect to which a rich class of first-order modal logics is complete, namely all normal first-order modal logics that are extensions of free quantified K. This ...
  • Temporal OBDA with LTL and DL-Lite 

    Artale, A; Kontchakov, R; Kovtunova, A; Ryzhikov, V; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (CEUR, 2014)
    We investigate various types of query rewriting over ontologies given in the standard temporal logic LTL as well as combinations of LTL with DL-Lite logics. In particular, we consider FO ( < )- rewritings that can use ...
  • Temporalising tractable description logics 

    Artale, A; Kontchakov, R; Lutz, C; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (IEEE, 2007)
    It is known that for temporal languages, such as first-order LT L, reasoning about constant (time-independent) relations is almost always undecidable. This applies to temporal description logics as well: constant binary ...
  • When Are Description Logic Knowledge Bases Indistinguishable? 

    Botoeva, E; Kontchakov, R; Ryzhikov, V; Wolter, F; Zakharyaschev, M (AAAI Press, 2015)
    Deciding inseparability of description logic knowledge bases (KBs) with respect to conjunctive queries is fundamental for many KB engineering and maintenance tasks including versioning, module extraction, knowledge exchange ...